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Quote Tote Bag / I am special, you are special / Statement Tote Bag / Made in Slovenia (that's in Europe)

Quote Tote Bag / I am special, you are special / Statement Tote Bag / Made in Slovenia (that's in Europe)

I am special, you are special. What to say about that one?
It came out of deep thinking about what is special about me.
What is that something that makes me different than others and therefore an unique piece of this puzzle?
 There were many things that I felt are unique about me. But then I met people, who were kinda the same in those aspects. And on the one hand it feels so freaking amazing to meet you in another human being, it's like explosion of love... but on the other hand it's like "Hmmm, I'm not sure if I am special anymore."
So this is my epilogue to this series of thinking, haha. I am special, you are special.
 Even if you are kinda the same as me, it's special about you that you have a little bit different set of life experiences.
Or maybe little bigger boobies than me, or something...

Okay, now let's go to the boring but still important information about the tote bag:
The bag is hand stamped with hand made stamps (I made them, for real) with black color for textile. Don't worry, it's vegan.
The size of the tote bag: 36 x 41cm (14 x16") - standard tote bag size.
Long handles - so you can carry it on your shoulders! Care: wash your tote on 30°C (86°F) and iron it on the inner side.

Oh, and it's made in sLOVEnia. That's the heart and the g-spot of the Europe.

Next step: add it to the cart and wait for your special postman!

Love, Anita,
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20 EUR
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Vpiši svoje podatke in ime zaželjenega izdelka ter stisni pošlji. Odgovorila bom takoj, ko zagledam sporočilo (:
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